Welcome to Imperfection-Frostwhisper

Welcome to Imperfection!
Imperfection is located on Frostwhisper (EU).
We actively raid every week with 3 main raids (wednesday, thursday and sunday) and an off raid on each friday for lower content or alt char evenings. 
Our raidtimes are from 19:30-23:00.
While not raiding we have alot of members running mythic + dungeons for farm, but also to push the highest key possible. Taking theorycrafting in account, with these elements we make sure we stay at our A-game when we play.
We do not describe ourselfes as hardcore raiders, but we do actively aim to beat the hardest content avaliable during every expansion.
We always reach to improve and become better, and we always help eachother in reaching those goals.
When we are not raiding or running mythic dungeons to increase our power, alot of us have an interest for achievements and other events.
Apart from this webpage we always keep in touch via Discord and Teamspeak. So any information you are looking for here that you can not find, check out our discord at https://discord.gg/9jmW2w8

Think you got what it takes? Then hit that register button and post your application in our forum!
We look forward to hearing from you!

Guild News

Imperfection VS Mythic Krosus

by Valdurs, 202 days ago

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Imperfection VS Trilliax

by Bertagreta, 234 days ago

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